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AmjMovers is a Dubai’s professional movers company. We provide moving services in Dubai, Sharjah & Ajman.
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Fast, Certified & Felxible Solutions.
Through integrated moving solutions, our drives sustainable competitive advantages to some of the largest companies all over the world.
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Affordable Price & Innovative Solutions
Through integrated moving solutions, our drives sustainable competitive advantages to some of the largest companies all over the world.
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Why Choose a AMJ Movers and Packers in Dubai?

Dubai is a bustling metropolis known for its luxury and fast-paced lifestyle. Whether you are moving within the city or to a different emirate, the logistics of a move can be challenging. This is where professional movers and packers step in to simplify the process. Here's why you should consider their services:

  • Expertise
    AMJ Movers and packers have the experience and expertise to handle all aspects of your move. From packing fragile items to safely transporting bulky furniture, they know how to get the job done efficiently.
  • efficiency
    Our professionals understand that time is of the essence. They work diligently to ensure your move is completed as quickly as possible, without compromising the safety of your belongings.
  • Safety
    One of the primary concerns during a move is the safety of your possessions. AMJ Movers and packers use high-quality packing materials and secure packing techniques to protect your items during transit.
  • Convenience
    Hiring a mover and packer in Dubai eliminates the need for you to lift heavy boxes or worry about logistics. They take care of everything, allowing you to focus on settling into your new space.


We make moving easy, fast, and hassle free Moving services in Dubai


We’ll pack your belongings with the care and attention they deserve.


Got a home that needs to be packed quickly? We’ll have it done in a jiffy.



We’ll pack and unpack your office equipment quickly, for minimum office downtime.


Take advantage of our safe, temperature controlled storage facilities.

What We Achieved!

Fulfill our dedicated promise to bring innovative & dynamic solutions to our customers to fit their needs.

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Affordable Price, Certified Forwarders

Safe, Reliable & Express Logistic Solutions That Saves Your Time!

We pride ourselves on providing the best transport and shipping services available all over the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Our skilled personnel, utilizing the latest communications, tracking and processing software, combined with decades of the experience through integrated supply chain. We are one of the best moving service provider in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah

Customers Review


February 18, 2024

They did a wonderful job. Very securely all the furniture was brought home safely with full protection


Fantastic service

February 17, 2024

Their service was very good. Also the price is reasonable.highly recommended



December 31, 2023


Do not trust this company! They have committed to helping me with moving an apartment and also maintenance and painting job which first of all I was quoted one amount and when it came to the day I was forced to pay more. When the job was not completed to standard they CHARGED ME for their transportation to come and “fix it”. When I came to check on their work there were patches all over my ceiling and walls which they said would dry out and look uniform- being a woman I have no technical knowledge about it and trusted them. When I came back the following morning this is what my ceiling and walls looked like (pictures attached). DISASTER! I couldn’t believe my eyes!!! I then tried to call and message them again and was being ignored for days on end. Only days after they responded via email but refused to take accountability for what they have done and I am almost 3k out of pocket. Horrible customers service, they DO NOT CARE! DO NOT TRUST!


Amamazing service ! Highly professional team !

December 3, 2023

My experience with Amjad Bashir Transport – Movers has been amazing ! They completed the task in a very professional manner and I would highly recommend their services to anyone who’s looking for a reliable company for your home relocation! Best wishes guys !

Chrish Dias

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